POR.R P15/A/180 Porous Burners

Key Features

Customized Porous Burners

We   provide   customised   porous   burners   for   a   wide   range   of   applications.   The   use   of     porous    burners    leads    to    increased    process    safety    and    product    quality.    The    precise      control   adjustments   made   possible   by   porous   burner   technology   enhance   efficiency   and reduce    pollutant    emissions.    Our    software    tools    enable    the    design    of    individually      customised porous burners for your particular applications.

Porous Burner Technology

The   flameless   combustion   concept   of   a   porous   burner   is   based   on   the   reactions   of   a      fuel gas/air   mixture   that   occur   in   porous   media.   A   premixed   fuel   gas/air   mixture   passes      a flame    trap    before    reacting    in    the    combustion    zone.    The    porous    burner    technology      therefore   differs   fundamentally   from   other   combustion   technologies,   which   rely   upon   a     flame stabilised in free space. Porous   burners   exhibit   a   high   potential   for   energy   and   emission   reduction.   Furthermore, a   tremendous   variety   of   burner   designs   can   be   realised   allowing   the   design   of   burners     optimised   for   particular   purposes. Through   its   precise   local   temperature   control,      effective and    homogeneous    heating    is    achieved.    The    difficulties    encountered    with        common combustion technologies due to high gas velocities are therefore avoided.

Application Example

A   pyrolysis   furnace   was   equipped   with   four   porous   burners   of   the   type   P75/A/67/740      with a   total   power   of   P   =   300   kW.   The   burners   were   installed   into   the   ca.   200   mm   thick     insulated   furnace   walls   without   additional   effort.   Due   to   the   flameless   combustion   and     low   exhaust   gas   temperatures,   the   furnace   crosssection   could   be   kept   very   small.   The     reactor    heating    was    further    improved    by    the    incorporation    of    internal    exhaust    gas      recirculation.   Due   to   the   high   radiation   output   of   the   porous   burners,   the   heating   time   of     the   furnace   was   dramatically   reduced   compared   to   conventional   free-flame   burners.   The high    power    modulation    enables    precisely    adjustable    furnace    temperatures    of    up    to      650°C.
POR.C P30/A/170 POR.R P30/A/135/185
o Adjustable surface temperature o Low emissions o High combustion stability o High power density up to 2 MW/m² o Power modulation range up to 1:10 o Low exhaust gas velocities o Adjustable radiation output
Prinzip der Porenbrennertechnologie
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